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Finding Quiet 

Helping you find quiet amid the chaos, through meditation, mindfulness and breathwork

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Ready to build a life rooted in mindfulness? Finding Quiet classes, workshops and retreats combine meditation practices and mindfulness techniques to make mindful living realistic in this always-switched-on modern world.   

I'll never ask you to wake up at 5am, meditate for hours every day, or give up the things in your full, busy life that make you thrive.

Instead, I'll support you in creating a meditation routine that fits within your lifestyle, and help you manage stress, build resilience, sleep better and find quiet in the chaos. 

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Meet Ciara

Irish born and bred, now London based, I am a journalist, editor and mindfulness meditation teacher. A true multi-hyphen millennial, but with all the hats I wear, there is one common thread: wellbeing. 

My meditation practice has helped me prioritise my wellbeing, and taken me from a highly strung and anxious state to calm, confident and resilient. 

Together let's discover that inner sense of calm that allows you to find quiet in the noise and live mindfully in this busy, chaotic, wonderful world. 

Helping you build a life rooted in mindfulness 

Let's Work Together
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Ciara's meditation session was a hit with my members - we all agreed that after the session we were filled with positivity and peace. Ciara is extremely professional and has a lovely nature. She has the most soothing tone of voice and her loving kindness meditation made us feel like we were wrapped in a warm blanket. She began the session by eloquently explaining the importance of the practice of meditation and then lovingly guided us through the session. We would love to have her back.

Moon, founder of Moon Onyx Starr

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