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About Finding Quiet

Finding Quiet was founded by me, Ciara McGinley (pronounced Keira), in 2021. Combining traditional meditation practices and mindfulness techniques to help make mindful living in this noisy, modern world accessible and realistic

Whether you're on the brink of burnout, navigating a turbulent season in life or want new ways to look after your wellbeing, I will help you tap into that inner sense of calm and resilience that allows you find quiet in the noise.

Leaning on emerging science in the area, my mindfulness meditation classes, workshops and events are tailored to the challenges we face today. You'll learn how to slow a racing mind, fit meditation into your lifestyle, and build a life rooted in mindfulness. Through our work together, I will teach you techniques to manage stress, sleep better, boost joy and build resilience. 


Over time, you can expect to see your perspective shift, awareness expand and so much more as you discover the power of meditation and soak up its life-changing benefits.

Forget everything you think you know about meditation, and let us show you how powerful this practice can really be. You'll see for yourself how a 10 minute meditation every day can enhance your life and bring stillness to your day. What have you got to lose?

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Get To Know Me

A true multi-hyphen millennial, I spent years living in an highly-strung, anxious state.


When I discovered meditation, I began to understand my nervous system and how my practice could help me keep calm in the chaos.

That's not to say I don't have my moments - when someone pushes past me on the train, when I'm running late (a regular occurrence, sorry to my friends!), or when an important meeting doesn't go well. But, thanks to meditation, my perspective has forever changed. I have an awareness that allows me to recognise, refocus and re-set no matter the challenge. 


Now, I'm on a mission to encourage others to priortise their wellbeing and discover the power of meditation, mindfulness and breathwork.


I won't ask you to wake up at 5am and meditate for an hour every day, or give up any part of your full, busy and wonderful life (unless you want to, of course).


But, I will ask you to dedicate time to your practice and get ready to watch your world shift in the best way as you begin to live more mindfully. 

Helping you build a life rooted in mindfulness.
My Qualifications

Diploma in Meditation Teaching - The British School of Meditation (2021)

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